Dr. Ketan
Dr. Ketan Modi
Teaching and Administration
Sr. No.DesignationPlace of WorkFromTo
1Lecturer (Assistant Professor)Shri B. M. Shah College of Pharm. Edu. & Res., Modasa01/10/200311/04/2008
2Assistant Professor (Associate Professor)
Shri B. M. Shah College of Pharm. Edu. & Res.,Modasa
3Assistant Professor (Associate Professor)
A. R. College of Pharmacy and G.H. Patel Institute of Pharmacy, Vallabh Vidyanagar
4Associate Professor
B. K. Mody Government Pharmacy College, Rajkot
05/03/2010till date


ketanmodipharmacy@gmail.com, Mob. No. +919426321703
Preclinical Pharmacology, Endocrine Pharmacology
Associate Professor
Specialization AreasDescription
QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
Ph.D.PharmacyHem. North Gujarat University, Patan2008  
M. PharmacyPharmacologyGujarat University, Ahmedabad200362.90First
B. PharmacyPharmacyGujarat University, Ahmedabad200163.31First


TitleDescriptionAchieved On
MODROB grant Completed2011-12
Title of Publication Authors Name of Journal ISSN/ISBN Number Page No. Volume (Issue) Year
Effect of Coenzyme Q10 on catalase activity and other antioxidant parameters in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. KP Modi, DD Santani, RK Goyal, PA Bhatt Biological Trace Element Research 0163-4984, 1559-0720 25-34 109 (1) 2006
Beneficial effects of Coenzyme Q10 in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. KP Modi, SL Vishwakarma, RK Goyal, PA Bhatt Iranian Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1735-2657 61-65 5(1) 2006
Development and validation of a HPTLC method for simultaneous estimation of atorvastatin calcium and Ezetimibe. BG Chaudhari, NM Patel, PB Shah, KP Modi Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 0250-474X (print) 1998-3743 (web) 793-796 68(6) 2006
Hypolipidemic and antioxidant activity of Coenzyme Q10 in high cholesterol fed diet rats. KP Modi, SL Vishwakarma, RK Goyal, PA Bhatt Current Pharma Research Journal 011 31-34 1(6) 2007
Effects of Coenzyme Q10 on lipid levels and antioxidant defenses in rats with fructose induced hyperlipidemia and hyperinsulinaemia. KP Modi, SL Vishwakarma, R Goyal, PA Bhatt The Internet Journal of Pharmacology 1531-2976 5(1) 2007
Estimation of L-dopa from Mucuna pruriens Linn and formulations containing M. Pruriens by HPTLC method. KP Modi, NM Patel, RK Goyal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 1347-5223, 0009-2363 357-359 56(3) 2008
Protective effects of aqueous extract of Mucuna pruriens Linn. (DC) seed against gentamicin induced oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity in rats. KP Modi, NM Patel, RK Goyal Iranian Journal of Pharmacology and therapeutics 1735-2657 131-135 7(2) 2008
Antihyperlipidemic acitivity of Syzygium cumini Linn. Seed extract on high cholesterol fed diet rats M Dikshit, PR Rachh, BS Nayak, BN Shah, KP Modi, NM Patel International Journal of Pharmaceutical sciences 0975 - 1491 330-332 1(2) 2009
Antihyperlipidemic activity of Gymenma sylvestre R. Br. Leaf extract on rat fed with High Cholesterol diet. PR Rachh, MR Rachh, NR Ghadiya, DC Modi, KP Modi, NM Patel International Journal of Pharmacology 1811-7775 138-141 6(2) 2010
Evaluation of Interaction of Allium sativum Linn. and Gymnema sylvestre R. Br. for their Antihyperlipidemic Activity RS Rajani, SV Nathwani, KR Dhudashia, KP Modi, NM Patel Inventi Rapid: Planta Activa,2013 2278-411X 01-05 2 2013
Protective effects of aqueous extract of M. pruriens Linn. (DC) seed against cisplatin induced oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity in rats K Modi, B Patel, D Patel, J Chavda, R Goyal African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 1996-0816 1994-1999 28(7) 2013
Hypertension in Renal Transplant Patient D Patel, KP Modi, A Patel International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 0975-1556 377-384 6(4) 2014
Phytochemicals and Their Potential Usefulness in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. SJ Somani, KP Modi, AS Majumdar, BN Sadarani Phytotherapy Research 1099-1573 339-350 29 2015
Mangiferin attenuates DSS colitis in mice: Molecular docking and in vivo approach S Somani, S Zambad, K ModiS Somani, S Zambad, K ModiS Somani, S Zambad, K Modi Chemico-biological interactions 0009-2797 18-26 253 2016
New Onset Of Diabetes Mellitus In Indian Renal Transplant Recipient-A Retrospective Study DD Patel, KP Modi, AK Patel, V Chaudhary International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 0975 - 1491 228-232 7(11) 2015
Antioxidant and hypolipidemic activity of Mucuna pruriens L.(DC) seed extract. K Modi, R Manek, J Chavda, R Goyal Planta Medica 0032-0943 PP6 80 (10) 2014
TitleISSN / ISBN NoPublisherVolumeYear
Book TitleBook ChapterISSN / ISBN NoPublisherYear
Funding Agency Title of Project Status Amount of Grant Received Year
All India Council for Technical Education MODROB Completed 1000000 2011-12
Name of The Guide Name of Students Enrollment No. Thesis Title Year
Dr. Ketan Modi DHARTI SANJAYBHAI RIBADIYA 142120803014 Protective effect of methanolic extract of Vanda tessellata Roxb. against experimentally induced colitis in albino wistar rats 2014-16
Dr. Ketan Modi GOSWAMI POOJA DINESHGIRI 132120803007 Evaluation of Anti-oxidant and Anti-coagulant activity of dicoumarol containing pyrazole aldehyde derivatives 2013-15
Dr. Ketan Modi MAKVANA ANURADHA GIRDHARBHAI 132120803009 Evaluation of preventive effect of ethyl acetate fraction of Cajanuscajan(L.)Millisp.on experimental diabetic cataract in Rat. 2013-15
Dr. Ketan Modi PATEL CHANDNI SHAILESHBHAI 132120803011 A Randomized, Open label, Balanced, Two-Treatment, Two-period, Two-sequence, Single Dose, Crossover, Bioequivalence Study of Mesalamine Delayed-Release tablets 800mg (2*800mg) as a reference in Normal, Healthy, Adult, Male and Female Human subjects under Fasting Conditions 2013-15
Dr. Ketan Modi UPADHYAY NIKHIL MAHESH 132120803018 Bioequivalence Assessment of Azelastine hydrochloride and Fluticasone propionate 137/50 µg nasal spray in Human subjects under fasting conditions through Single-Dose Design 2013-15