Dr. Ravi
Dr. Ravi Manek
Assistant Professor
Sr. No.DesignationPlace of WorkFromTo
1LecturerSMKMT managed Diploma Pharmacy College, Jasapar, Ta:Jasdan, Dist:Rajkot02/9/200510/8/2008
2LecturerSmt. R. B. Patel Mahila Pharmacy College.11/8/200830/4/2011
3Assistant ProfessorB K Mody Government Pharmacy College, Rajkot2/5/2011till date
1Area ManagerCipla Ltd.24/8/200201/9/2005


Preclinical Pharmacology, Herb-Herb interaction, Herb-Drug interaction, Pharmacological evaluation of herbs.
Assistant Professor
Reading Books
Specialization AreasDescription
QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
B PharmPharmacySaurashtra University200264.07First
M PharmPharmacognosy & PhytochemistryHemchandracharya North Gujarat University200869.33First
Ph.DPharmaceutical ScienceJodhpur National University, Jodhpur2012--


TitleDescriptionAchieved On
International Travel Support SchemeSERB-DST, Govt. Of India15/07/2016
Title of Publication Authors Name of Journal ISSN/ISBN Number Page No. Volume (Issue) Year
Antihyperglycemic and Antihyperinsulinemic effect of aquous extract of Aegle marmolos leaf and Encostemma Littorale herb in fructose fed rats. TA Goshil, JK Patel, JD Vaghasiya, RA Manek. Indian journal of pharmacology ISSN 0253-7613 S183-S184 40 (2) 2008
Oxidative Stress Mediated Hepatotoxicity Produced By Simvastatin. JD Vaghasiya, YS Bhalodia, RA Manek, TA Gohil, SP Rathod. Pharmacologyonline ISSN: 1827-8620 495-503 3 2008
Estimation of Protocatechuic acid in Greater Cardamom fruit Extracts by HPTLC Method. R Manek, NM Patel, A Bhargava, J Vaghasiya, N Jivani, S Koradia. Research Journal of Phytochemistry ISSN-1819-3471 54-62 3(3) 2009
Protective Effect of Polyherbal Formulation on Simvastatin Hepatotoxicity in Rats. J Vaghasiya, S Rathod, Y Bhalodia, R Manek, S Malaviya, N Jivani. Journal of Young Pharmacist ISSN: 0975-1483 57-62 1 2009
Anxiolytic Activity of Root Extracts of Cardiospermum Halicacabum in Mice. Shailesh Malaviya, K. Nandakumar, JD Vaghasiya, YS Bhalodiya, NP Jivani, N. Sheth, RA. Manek, SP Chauhan. The Internet Journal of Pharmacology ISSN: 1531-2976 1 7(21) 2009
Determination of Protocatechuic Acid by HPTLC Method in Amomum subulatum Roxb. Fruit Extracts. Manek Ravi , Patel N. M., Bhargava Anurag, Vaghasiya Jitendra, Jivani N. P., Koradia Shailesh. Pharmacognosy Journal ISSN : 0975-3575 130-137 1(2) 2009
Synergistic Interaction of Glycyrrhiza Glabra Roots Extract on Antimicrobial Activity of Solanum Xanthocarpum Herb Extract. RA Manek, NR Sheth, JD Vaghasiya, SV Malaviya, NP Jivani. Inventi rapid:Molecular Pharmacology ISSN: 0976-3856 30-33 1(3) 2010
Evaluation of Antibacterial Effects of a Combination of Adhatoda vasica leaves with Glycyrrhiza glabra Roots and Rhizome Extracts. RA Manek, NR Sheth, JD Vaghasiya, SV Malaviya, NP Jivani. Inventi rapid: Ethnopharmacology ISSN: 0976-3805 32-35 1(3) 2010
Effect of Rutin on Oxidative Cardiac Enzymes in Induced Myocardial Infaraction and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. SV Malaviya, RA Manek, JD Vaghasiya, YS Bhalodia, NR Sheth Inventi Rapid: Ethnopharmacology ISSN: 0976-3805 45-48 1(3) 2010
Sitagliptin protects renal ischemia reperfusion induced renal damage in diabetes. J Vaghasiya, N Sheth, Y Bhalodia, R Manek Regulatory Peptides ISSN: 0167-0115 48–54 166 2011
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Study on Herb-herb Interaction Potential of Glycyrrhiza glabra with Solanum xanthocarpum and Adhatoda vasica on Mast Cell Stabilizing Activity. RA Manek, NR Sheth, JD Vaghasiya, SV Malaviya, NP Jivani, JR Chavda. International Journal of Pharmacology ISSN: 1811-7775 589-598 7 2011
Development and evaluation of pectin based colon targeted herbal drug delivery system. BD Patel, DV Patel, JR Chavda, MR Dabhi, RA Manek. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology ISSN 1996-0816 1815-1820 6(25) 2012
Anti­diabetic activity of Amomum Subulatum Roxb. fruit constituents. RB Vavaiya, A Patel, RA Manek. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovations ISSN 2249-1031 50-*­63 2 (5) 2012
Evaluation Of Free Radical Scavenging Activity Of Fruit Constituents Of AMOMUM SUBULATUM ROXB. Rajani R S, Nathwani S V, Manek R A, Patel N M IJPRBS ISSN: 2277-8713 103-111 1(6) 2012
Statistical optimization and in vivo evaluation of colon specific delivery system of herbal rhubarb extract. B Patel, D Patel, J Chavda, R Manek, D Mori Journal of Chinese pharmaceutical science ISSN-1003-1057 496­-502 22 (6) 2013
Evaluation of Anti­Hypercholesterolemic Activity of Ammomum subulatum Seeds Extract. RB Vavaiya, RA Manek, AA Patel. International Journal of Pharmaceutical innovations ISSN-2249-1031 65-72 3(2) 2013
Liquorice exaggerates protective action of Solanum xanthocarpum against cigarette smoke induced pulmonary inflammation RA Manek, NR Sheth, JR Chavda, JD Vaghasiya, KP Modi, DV Patel Planta Medica ISSN: 0032-0943 PP13 80 (10) 2014
Antioxidant and hypolipidemic activity of Mucuna pruriens L.(DC) seed extract. K Modi, R Manek, J Chavda, R Goyal Planta Medica ISSN: 0032-0943 PP6 80 (10) 2014
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Book TitleBook ChapterISSN / ISBN NoPublisherYear
Funding Agency Title of Project Status Amount of Grant Received Year
Name of The Guide Name of Students Enrollment No. Thesis Title Year
Dr. Ravi Manek DONGA VIPUL KARAMSHIBHAI 132120803004 Bioequivalence study of Pioglitazone HCl 15mg and metformin HCl 850mg on fasting condition 2015
Dr. Ravi Manek RUPARELIYA NILESH RAMESHBHAI 132120803014 Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Coumarin and Cinnamic acid Derivatives 2015
Dr. Ravi Manek SOLANKI MITANJALI MANUBHAI 132120803015 Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of 1-Methyl Dihydroquinolin and Cinnamic acid Derivatives 2015
Dr. Ravi Manek Darshana  N. Polara 142120803004 Bioequivalence study of Fenofibrate Capsule (200 mg) under fasting condition 2016
Dr. Ravi Manek Dudhatra Kasmira 142120803005 Relative Bioavailability of Nadolol tablet (80mg) under fed condition 2016
Dr. Ravi Manek Naik Dhara Jayeshkumar 142120803007 Study of combined effect of Metformin and herb on fructose induced diabetes in rat 2016