Dr. Daya
Dr. Daya Chothani
Sr. No.DesignationPlace of WorkFromTo
1LecturerPioneer  Degree Pharmacy College, Vadodara10/08/200918/07/2012


Phytochemistry, Pharmacology , Phytochemical analysis and Pharmacognosy
Assistant Professor
Specialization AreasDescription
QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing YearClass
Ph.DPharmacy  H. N.G.U, Patan2014NA
M.pharmHerbal drug techM. S. University Of Baroda, Vadodara2009 Dist
B. pharm
 M. S. University of Baroda , Vadodara
2007 Dist


TitleDescriptionAchieved On
1  Gold medalist:  Secured first rank in M. S. University of baroda . 2007
Title of Publication Authors Name of Journal ISSN/ISBN Number Page No. Volume (Issue) Year
Quantification of gallic acid in fruit and leaves of Careya arborea by High performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) DL Chothani, NM Patel J Invest Biochem -2146-8338 138-142 3(4) 2014
Pharmacognostic and physicochemical evaluation on fruits of Gmelina arborea. DL Chothani, NM Patel Pharma Tutor -2347 - 7881 162-166. 2(7) 2014
Pharmacognostic study of fruits and seeds of Careya arborea. Inventi Rapid: DL Chothani, NM Patel Planta Activa E- ISSN: 2250-026X 1-4 2 2014
Anti-allergic Potential of Methanolic Extract of Leaves and Fruits of Careya arborea. DL Chothani, NM Patel Journal of Pharma Sci Tech ISSN:0975-5772 29-31 4(1) 2014
Preliminary, phytochemical screening, pharmacognostic and physicochemical evaluation of leaf of Gmelina arborea. DL Chothani, NM Patel Asian Pacific J Trop Biomed. -2221-1691 S1333-S1337. 2(3 suppl). 2012
A phyto-pharmacological overview on Physalis minima Linn. DL Chothani, HU Vaghasiya Indian Journal of natural product and resources. ISSN 0976-0504 477-482. 3(4) 2012
HPTLC Fingerprint Proļ¬le and Isolation of Marker Compound of Ruellia tuberosa. DL Chothani, MB Patel and SH Mishra Chromatography Research International -2090-3510 1-4 - 2012
A Review on Balanites aegyptiaca Del (Desert Date): Phytochemical Constituents, Traditional Uses and Pharmacological Activity DL Chothani, HU Vaghasiya Pharmacognosy review. 2011 ;I5 (9).pp 55-62. -0973-7847 55-62 I5 (9 2011
Careya arborea Roxb. Phytochemical constituents, ethnobotanical uses and biological activity DL Chothani, Patel NM Inventi Impact: Ethnopharmacol ISSN: 0976-7568 76-80. 2011 2011
A review on Gmelina arborea roxb. (gambhari): traditional uses, phytochemical constituents, pharmacological activity, marketed formulation, Inventi Rapid: Ethnopharmacol, 2011;14. DL Chothani, Patel NM Inventi Impact: Ethnopharmacol E- ISSN: 0976-7568 1-5 14 2011
Research article on Phytochemical Screening and Physicochemical Evaluation on Various Parts of Ruellia tuberosa Linn DL Chothani, MB Patel and SH Mishra Inventi Impact: Ethnopharmacol E- ISSN: 0976-7568 1-4 2(1) 2011
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: Comprehensive Review. I SD Desai, Dhara Patel, DL Chothani Inventi rapid: Pharmacy Practice. 0976-3848. 1-4 2(1) 2010.
Review on Ruellia tuberosa (Cracker plant) . DL Chothani, MB Patel, HU Vaghasiya and SH Mishra Phcog J. -0975-3575- 506-512 2 (12) 2010
ypoglycemic Activity of Ruellia tuberosa on Nicotinamide-Strerptozotocin Induced Type-II Diabetic Rats DL Chothani, MB Patel and SH Mishra Inventi Impact: Ethnopharmacol E- ISSN: 0976-7568 1-5 1(2) 2010
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