Mr. Dhaval
Mr. Dhaval Mori
Sr. No.DesignationPlace of WorkFromTo
1Assistant ProfessorB.K.Mody Government Pharmacy College12/05/2011till Countinue
Sr. No.DesignationPlace of WorkFromTo
1Assistant Scientist(F & D )Bharat Parenterasl Limited, Baroda11/09/200909/05/2011
Nanoparticulate system, SMEDDS, SNEDDS,
Assistant Professor
reading, Movies , Traccking
Specialization AreasDescription
QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
M.Pharm.Pharmaceutical BiotechnologySaurashtra Univesity2009 First
B.Pharm Shree Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University2007 First


TitleDescriptionAchieved On
Title of Publication Authors Name of Journal ISSN/ISBN Number Page No. Volume (Issue) Year
A Review on Nanocrystal Makwana Jalpa Subodhbhai1*, Mori Dhaval Dineshkumar1, Patel Kalpesh Amratbhai1, Ramani Poonam Laljibhai1, Chavda Jayant Rambhai1 Inventi Rapid: NDDS 0976-3791 1-7 2013(2) 2013
Statistical optimization and in vivo evaluation of colon specific delivery system of herbal rhubarb extract Biraju Patel 1* , Dhaval Patel 2 , Jayant Chavda 2 , Ravi Manek 2 , Dhaval Mori  Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences 1003-1057 496-502 22(6) 2013
Formulation, Evaluation and Optimization of Self-Nano Emulsifying Drug Delivery System Containing Felodipine Mahesh Dabhi1 , Snehal Patel1 , Dhaval Mori2,*, Dhaval Patel2 , Nilesh Patel2 and Ramesh Parmar2 Micro and Nanosystems 1876-4029 193-204 6 2014
Formulation, optimization and characterization of candesartan cilexetil nanosuspension for in vitro dissolution enhancement Mahesh R. Dabhi Umang K. Ghodasara Dhaval D. Mori* Kalpesh A. Patel Ravi Manek N.R. Sheth Afr. J. Pharm. Pharmacology 1996-0816 102-113 9(5) 2015
Formulation, evaluation and optimization of the felodipine nanosuspension to be used for direct compression to tablet for in vitro dissolution enhancement Dhaval Mori*, Jalpa Makwana, Ramesh Parmar, Kalpesh Patel and Jayant Chavda Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical science 1927-1936 1927-1936 29(6) 2016
TitleISSN / ISBN NoPublisherVolumeYear
Book TitleBook ChapterISSN / ISBN NoPublisherYear
Funding Agency Title of Project Status Amount of Grant Received Year
Name of The Guide Name of Students Enrollment No. Thesis Title Year
Mr. Dhaval Mori Savani priyank 142120808017 Formulation, develpoment and evaluation of Stomach specific Floating microshpere of Ramipril 2016
Mr. Dhaval Mori Diyora Ashish 132120808006 Formulation and In vitro evaluation of controlled porosity osmotic tablet of Stavudine 2015
Mr. Dhaval Mori Ankur Kanani 122120908025 Formulation and optimization of sublingual Tablet of Vardenafil hydrochloride 2014
Mr. Dhaval Mori Makwana Jalpaben 112120808014 Development and Optimization of nanocrystals of felodipin 2013
Mr. Dhaval Mori Rathod Punit 152120808017 Solid State Physical Properties Improvement of Cefuroxime Axetil by Particle Engineering 2017