Computer Center and WiFi

Computer Laboratory Facility

The Computer laboratory is artistically designed, where students get an opportunity to develop their skills according to the global needs and international standards. The Centre would offer training and software development apart from being a support service for the faculty, students and staff.

The lab is set to create specialist environment required for students of Pharmacy. Computer Centre supports more than thirty Nodes and High End Servers connected through latest switches. Internet and Intranet network facilities supported by high quality software based on curriculum and global requirements, along with latest operating systems, allowing the students not only to develop their skills but also access the internet for convenient internal as well as external communication with the cyber world.

The main computer lab is a popular spot to work on projects outside of class. The lab is equipped with high-end PC computers, high-speed network and storage including softwares,   printers and other equipment to meet student needs.

The computer lab is fully air-conditioned and located on the First floor of the main building.


Other Computer Facility

Computer classrooms are designed to provide a teaching environment that develops specific expertise. In these classrooms, instructors can work with students to help them master the technology skills needed in their particular field, as well as learn how software assists in information gathering, analysis, and organization of material for presentation and effective decision making.

Faculty and staff computers in the college are facilitated for the individual work of the faculty or staff member in performing his or her roles of teaching, research, administration, and community service to working with colleagues and students. In addition, offices are equipped with high-speed network connections, unlimited network storage, and convenient printers adequate storage space for journals, books, publications, and files to support these efforts.

Additionally, student seat in the classrooms is equipped with both a network jack and a power outlet to facilitate laptop use in classrooms. This is supplemented by wireless technology.

The college provides free access to Internet to its students through 1 mbps connectivity, the local Intranet, a 10 MBPS switched network, is  provide an interactive platform for sharing resources and building communities. Other peripherals such as Projectors, Laser printers, Scanners etc. also support the needs of the users. The institute supports to receive all the licensed software products of the Microsoft.

In the college Library, E-Corner provides 10 Computers to free access of Internet to the students through this local Internet. The college across the campus houses over a Sixty-five computers for the use of students and staff.


  • Wi-Fi Enabled Campus
  • CCTV Camera Connection
  • Whole Campus Internet facility
  • Cyberoam Security Services